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June 15, 2016

ZyWALL USG20W 802.11n Wireless Internet Security Firewall with 4 Gigabit LAN/DMZ Ports, 2 IPSec VPN, SSL VPN , and 3G WAN Support

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ZWUSG20W review and price:

ZyXEL ZyWALL USG20W 802.11n features:

  • Hybrid VPN, both SSL and IPSec VPNs supported for flexible deployment.
  • Bandwidth management for traffic prioritization for VoIP or mission critical applications.
  • User-aware policy engine can set bandwith or network access based on user login.
  • Comprehensive threat protection with firewall, VPN and content filtering.
  • Flexible security zone using VLAN technology to segregate local networks.
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
ZyXEL ZyWALL’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

General ZyXEL ZWUSG20W description
The ZyWALL USG 20W is a Unified Security Gateway, integrated with complete, enterprise-level and advanced security solutions intended for Small/Medium Business (SMB) suggested for up to 5 PC users. Its adaptable configuration helps network administrators set up the network and enforce security policies more proficiently. With certified by ICSA SPI Firewall and IPSec VPN, the ZyWALL USG 20W& x2019;s security features also include IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Firewall and Content Filter. It also gives bandwidth management, for QoS of VoIP or mission important applications. Moreover, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN design for telecommuters and home workers can access data more easily and carefully at home. Remote access with SSL VPN requires only a regular web browser. ZyWALL USG 20W& x2019;s excellent throughput is the key to implement features of an enterprise level to offer a full-time, continuous and secure service.

Recent reviews:

I bought this router from a competitor but wanted to leave a review here. The amount of features that you get out of this router is unbelievable for the price you pay. I will point out my pros and cons about the unit but I’ll start by saying that this isn’t a dlink/linksys/netgear plug and play router, you have to have a good understanding of networking to use the unit to half of its full possible. Pros:IPSec VPNSSL VPN (ridiculously easy to configure, and there’s a network extension choice so that you may really be put on the network and have full access to your resources)broad firewall alternatives (seriously there is a ton of alternatives)Cisco-like CLIAbility to integrate with Active Directory (I use this with the ssl vpn, may be kind of difficult to configure although)Bandwidth Management ( adaptable alternatives for this, you may be able to really lock down how much bandwidth devices/programs can have and set priorities also)Object established (this is really useful, instead of specifying IP address in NAT/Firewall/BWM you may be able to create objects, then identify the object so that in case you have to change it, you only have to change it in one place. You may be able to group objects together to consolidate firewall/BWM rules)True DMZ (you may be able to really dedicate a port to the DMZ, then just have the others on lan subnets)Free U. S. Established technical support for the life of the unit (I called them before buying the unit to get info on it and the gentlemen was polite and knowledgeable. It is encouraging to know that if I have issues I can get a hold of someone, who is American, inside minutes). The firmware updates are free for the life of the unit also.

This is one of the best priced and most feature rich routers I have ever used. I have used sonic walls about 5 years in the past and we had a linksys dual wan router before this. Once we needed more than one external ip the linksys just could not cut it. The firewall could either be completely off or completely on with secondary ip’s, so we had to find another solution. Having used sonic walls in the past I looked at them 1st but a price/feature comparison lead me directly to the ZyWall USG100. Setup for the device looks complex at 1st, with assigning ip’s to machines, ports to groups, and other things that I have not encountered with a firewall before. But these extra steps in the beginning save so much time afterward on. Instead of having routes and many firewall rules assigned to an ip, you could assign it to a virtual object stored in the zywall which has all of it is info. So when a change to the machines ip is needed you do not have to go in and change every single rule and path, you just change the virtual object and your done. So far it is done everything we have needed and suprised us with its flexibility. And it could have 5 stars from me except for one slight failing. The vpn setup is a bit unruly when it comes to macs. Just for a regular vpn it requires a free third party program (ipsecuritas) with some setup that a normal user could balk at. Also the ssl vpn which ZyXEL boasts about is just a no go for macs, it just is not supported. It is a great product for a great price. It does everything well except for the vpn working with macs. If they can fix that then they could get 5 stars from me.

They ZyWALL USG50 has performed well over the past 2 months. The firewall offers excellent hardware and features for the price. But, the subscription services from ZyXEL leave much to be wanted. The Good: Hardware seems to be hard GigE ports Stable software Good set of fitted non-subscription security features stable VPN implementation usable SSL VPN (doesn’t require a subscription) Excellent throughput with security features turned on for the priceThe Bad: The procedure of renewing IDP, AV, Content Filtering subscriptions is convoluted The fitted reporting functionality is somewhat restricted (e. G. Content Filter reports) and the server-established report functionality doesn’t seem to be implemented The quality of Content Filtering (AppPatrol) and IDP is questionable – protocols are miss-recognized and I’m to get some false positives from the IDP ZyXEL support is non-responsive Functionality is rather restricted unless you pay $220 / year for the subscription services – none of the promotional materials talk about that you only get 30 days of IDP, AV, Anit-SPAM, and Content Filtering$.

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802.11n USG20W Wireless technical ratings and MSRP
  • Hybrid VPN, both SSL and IPSec VPNs supported for flexible deployment.
  • User-aware policy engine can set bandwith or network access based on user login.
  • Comprehensive threat protection with firewall, VPN and content filtering.
  • Bandwidth management for traffic prioritization for VoIP or mission critical applications.
  • Flexible security zone using VLAN technology to segregate local networks.

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