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June 15, 2016

My Cloud EX4 12 TB: Pre-configured Network Attached Storage featuring Red Drives

How WD WDBWWD0120KBK-NESN price changed over last several months:
See how WDBWWD0120KBK-NESN 12 pricing changed last couple of months
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WDBWWD0120KBK-NESN review and price:

WD My Cloud EX4 features:

  • Industry-leading third-party apps, including aMule and Icecast
  • Award-winning desktop and mobile apps
  • Diskless enclosure for ultimate flexibility or a populated system that works out of the box
  • Easy to manage with a powerful dashboard, LCD display and drive status alerts
  • User-selectable drive management with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 as well as spanning and JBOD modes
  • Get up and running quickly with easy drive installation or buy a populated version that works right out of the box
  • Reliable, high-performance, four-bay NAS for your home or small office
  • Advanced serving options including an integrated file server
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
WD My’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

General WD WDBWWD0120KBK-NESN description
My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud Storage – final dependability from the reliable name in storage. Built from the ground up with the quality and dependability you have come to expect from WD, My Cloud EX4 is a high-performance, four-bay NAS for your home or small office. It offers a robust all-metal enclosure, many RAID volumes, easy drive installation and a full suite of apps for the power and flexibility to develop your NAS features.

Recent reviews:

I have been researching SAN devices for a while. This one looked like a great choice. I loaded (3) 1TB WD RED NAS drives into this and powered it on. It formatted the drives ( default RAID 5 ) and I had 1. 9TB of space. So far so good. I set up iSCSI with 1TB of the RAID 5 volume. Worked great. I Migrated a virtual machine from local storage on my esxi 5. 1 box over to the iSCSI drive. Worked wonderfully. Went to bed. In the Morning the device informed me that the RAID was degraded. :(I attempted to use the control panel to fix the RAID, it just got stuck in some loop. I was able to migrate the VM back onto the esxi box. But I couls not fix the RAID. So.. I just started over. Turned off machine, popped out the drives, moved them to different slots so that the NAS could reformatt/ re partition the drives. It acknowledged the drives, showed them as 1TB each. Unlike the 1st time, it did not automagically start formatting. So I followed the directions online and changed the RAID to RAID 5. The web page control panel said it was in the procedure of partitioning the drives, be patient. I was patient all night long, woke up in morning the page was stuck again. The LCD on front was just in it is default displays. Like it has no idea what was going on. Clearly the web page control panel was attached, as it knew the position of the drives.. And it’s hosted on the ip address of the WD device. I have turned the machine off and given up till after Thanksgiving. I used thee WD RED NAS drives. I’m hopeful that I’m just overlooking something really easy, as the information are sparse and FAQ’s are restricted. I’m not dissapointed still, as I think this machine will be awesome once I get it up and running.

As of the December 16th firmware V1. 05. 30 the Dropbox Sync app is back and performance looks to have returned to pre-Aug update speeds (about 30MB/s in my testing for writing). This update took a long time to install on my EX4 after a reboot – FYI. More detail on this update at the end of this review. Read on.. As of the Aug 21, 2014 firmware V1. 04. 05 the same copy test I used in the initial review slowed by 2/3 from 30+MBs to 10MBs Detail in the updates at the end. Read on.. The original review is below. Update detail at the end. I have been using and installing some number of NAS servers recently, so I was excited to see what Western Digital had to offer with their “expert” EX4. I was both impressed and disappointed. It is well made, has a nice user interface but is slower than the competition. If you want to have more details on how it compares with the entry-level Buffalo LS420 and the professional Synology DS214 read on. The WD My Cloud EX4 8TB is a considerable part of hardware. It comes with four 2TB WD NAS drives. I like these and in my previous testing the “NAS particular firmware” looks to make them a bit better in NAS applications than WD Black or RE series drives. I have used them in Synology and FreeNAS established home-built devices with excellent results. The EX4 unit itself weighs about 12 to 15 lbs with the drives installed.

I had high hopes for this product after installing 4 x 3Tb drives in Raid 5 and starting to move different files and backups that I kept on 4-5 external USB drives and Time machine backups. After just a week of use and filling approx 3 TB of data I noticed the web admin interface was unresponsive. After repeated tries to login and load I realized that a wdphotodbmerger procedure was consuming 70-80% of cpu trying to produce thumbnails for pictures across all my time machine backups and different resources. I attempted to disable Media player support to no avail. File move speeds had crawled to a stall (<1mb/sec). I left the procedure run for 3 days with no luck and had to create an ssh account to login and remove execute permissions on these non essential processes to recover access to my files. This is an operation I have had to do twice more – I do not know why my changes got overwritten. Another issue was trying to use the Web and FTP file move processes and auto backups. A big issue was when I popped one of the drives out to test the RAID rebuild before I could start removing files from my resources. The Auto rebuild starting now rebuilding the RAID which took 22 days to finish You read that right – this was for approx 3Tb of data. I could have projected 8-12 hours at most. 22 days is a long window throughout which any other failure could have meant the loss of all data. This wasn’t with a new, blank drive but from one of the 4 live drives. I have contacted WD support about these, asking for some explicit solutions (firmware update that decreases the procedure priority or thumbnails, etc.. ) and got told that the product works as advertised. I can not return it as I’m past the 30 days.

Compare WD My Cloud with similar products:

Netgear ReadyNAS Pro 6 NAS

  • 8 Ports – Manageable – 4 x POE+ – 8 x RJ-45 – 12 x Expansion Slots – 101001000Base-T, 1001000Base-T – PoE Ports

Synology DiskStation 2-Bay (Diskless) Network Attached Storage DS212 (Black)

  • Hardware Encryption Engine
  • Optimal Price/Performance Ratio
  • Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)
  • Features SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  • Cool and Quiet Design
  • Effective Backup Solutions

WD 4TB My Cloud DL2100 Business Series Network Attached Storage – NAS – WDBBAZ0040JBK-NESN

  • Volume encryption
  • Centralized storage, remote access and sharing
  • Multiple backup options: local backup, NAS to NAS, NAS to USB, USB to NAS and integrated cloud backup
  • RAID 0, 1 or JBOD and spanning
  • WD Red NAS hard drives with NASware technology (integrated into populated system)
  • Scalable storage to 12 TB and beyond using volume virtualization
  • Integrated Intel Atom C2350 dual-core processor
  • 1 GB DDR3 memory expandable to 5 GB

QNAP TS-1079-PRO-US 10-Bay iSCSI NAS, SATA III. USB 3.0 (TS-1079-PRO-US)

  • Intel i3-2120 3.3 GHz CPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Secure data with AES-256 volume-based encryption, access encryption, policy-based automatic IP blocking, and more
  • Back up business data with encrypted remote replication, Read-time Remote Replication (RTRR), and cloud-based storage backup
  • Manage and share files in one centralized storage
  • Facilitate iSCSI and virtualization deployment
  • Accelerate data transmission with 10GbE network speeds
  • Increase efficiency with the support of Windows AD/LDAP, Windows ACL, and more

WD My Book Live Duo 6TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files and Photos

  • Securely access media and files remotely over the Internet
  • View photos and files with apps for your iOS, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets
  • Storage and backup for all the PC and Mac computers on your network

FreeNAS Mini – Network Attached Storage (Diskless)

  • All FreeNAS Mini’s include a FreeNAS Admin training course ($350.00 value).
  • FreeNAS supports sharing for every major operating system with SMB/CIFS (Windows file shares), NFS (Unix file shares) and AFP (Apple File Shares) as well as FTP, iSCSI, and other methods.
  • FreeNAS Plug-ins for PLEX, DLNA Streaming Media Server functionality, and many other services for the home & office. FreeNAS supports multiple data protection features such as ZFS RAID, full-disk encryption, snapshots & replication.
  • 1 Year Standard Hardware Warranty Included (Software Support Available through FreeNAS Community)
  • Energy efficient, powerful Intel Eight-Core 2.4GHz CPU, 17 Watt max power draw, 16GB of ECC memory (32GB upgrade optional, see our amazon listings), 4 hot-swappable, tool-less front loading drive bays plus 2 internal drive bays for optional read or write cache drives, On-board dual Gigabit network controllers, 200W Power Supply, 3 x USB 2.0 Ports (2 front, 1 rear), 1 x Serial Port (DB9), 1 x VGA and Physical Security with locking front bezel, latchable drive trays, and chassis lock eyelet (for cable or pad lock).

QNAP TS-251 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS with 4GB Memory, Intel 2.41GHz Dual Core CPU with Media Transcoding (TS-251-4G-US)

  • Expand the total raw storage capacity up to 80TB (with maximum 16 hard drives) with the economical QNAP expansion enclosure UX-800P
  • Play 1080p videos with 7.1 channel surround sound pass-through via HDMI output
  • Run a virtual machine and extend the functionality of the NAS with an integrated virtualization solution
  • Comes with 4GB Memory
  • Create a personal cloud and stream your multimedia library via DLNA, Airplay, and PLEX
  • Transcode Full HD videos on-the-fly or offline
  • Centralize your file storage, sharing and backup

EX4 Cloud 12 technical ratings and MSRP
  • Advanced serving options including an integrated file server
  • Award-winning desktop and mobile apps
  • Get up and running quickly with easy drive installation or buy a populated version that works right out of the box
  • Reliable, high-performance, four-bay NAS for your home or small office
  • Easy to manage with a powerful dashboard, LCD display and drive status alerts
  • Diskless enclosure for ultimate flexibility or a populated system that works out of the box
  • Industry-leading third-party apps, including aMule and Icecast
  • User-selectable drive management with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 as well as spanning and JBOD modes

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