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June 15, 2016

My Book VelociRaptor Duo 2TB External Dual Hard Drive Storage RAID Thunderbolt

How WD WDBUWZ0020JBK-NESN price changed over last several months:
See how WDBUWZ0020JBK-NESN Duo pricing changed last couple of months
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This Book My External comparison shows why it won awards in its category in 2016 Check out this VelociRaptor Book 2TB's photo analysis, beautiful image taken in 2016 How Duo VelociRaptor Book popularity changed over time, compared 2016 to last year This high quality WDBUWZ0020JBK-NESN 2TB image should describe it from all the angles


WDBUWZ0020JBK-NESN review and price:

WD My Book VelociRaptor features:

  • Data protection with RAID
  • Dramatic performance with WD VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM drives
  • Daisy chain flexibility with two Thunderbolt ports
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
WD My’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

Recent reviews:

The benefit of Thunderbolt attached drives is speed comparable to having the drives connected directly. In this product the drives are two 10,000 RPM Velociraptors, some of the fastest non-SSD hard drives you may be able to find. The tradeoff is that they aren’t cheap, lack the bigger capacity of slower drives and are a bit noisier. Like the other My Book models, there’s quite some heat generated, however its less of a concern here ate least about the drives. Exactly, the other My Books use Green drives which aren’t as robust as the Velociraptors. Also the Velociraptors are really 2. 5 inch drives inside a frame that acts like a heatsink. There does not seem to be any differences in the case materials or cooling between this and the other models (this one does include a Thunderbolt cable), its still a cheap case. Due to steep differential in price between this and the next model down, there really needs to be a have to have that extra bit of speed to rationalize to get this particularly with the capability to daisychain Thunderbolt devices so two somewhat slower devices may be used simultaneously. This meets the needs of a small niche but is overkill for everyone else. Other issues:No off switch. Needs reformatting for use with Windows. The device can only work with the supplied drives. It’s intended to lockout on anything else. The device is only available via Thunderbolt.

This is a great external storage solution for the new (Late 2013) Apple Mac Pro. You get 2TB of storage via Thunderbolt that performs likewise to an SSD (over 350MB/s read/write) at a (current) price point that makes it good value. It sleeps automatically when the Mac Pro sleeps and wakes instantly with the Mac Pro. It is calm. In my office, I could not hear it (with normal ambient sound) and in my quieter home office, it is only barely audible when idle but you may be able to certainly hear the drive head chatter when it is working hard. It is the perfect compliment to the new Mac Pro if you need more storage than the interior SSD can accommodate.

The big draw of this is clearly Thunderbolt and the Velociraptor drives. And yes, both are fast, however WD makes another Thuderbolt product that costs 2/3 of what this system does, and has 3 times the storage. I have it also, and I can say that for big files this device can has come 45% faster, although that is not generally the case, and the speed difference nearly disappears with small files. To be just, it is hard to do a really controlled comparison, and I have not compared them with that level of rigor. Also, I have a workstation at work that has a Velociraptor boot drive, and for random access I do not notice a speed difference between the V. And a good 7200 rpm drive. (I am not saying that there is not one, however it is not much for non-sequential use. )The WD Thunderbolt devices compete with some of the other costly Thunderbolt external drives, like the LaCie equivalents, and the WD variants are considerably less costly. But, I have one of the LaCie devices at work (not the competitor for this, however the competitor for the WD 6TB drive), and I believe they rationalize the price difference. Why? The LaCie drives seem better made. (I can also be prejudiced by the fact that I have had great luck with external LaCie devices, with some running for six years, and maybe the better build does not make a difference. )With all of the devices I have mentioned above, the capacities assume you run RAID 0, because if you run RAID 1 (which mirrors the data) the capacities are cut in half. What makes me uneasy about this device is that it gets hot, and the drives are deafening.

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