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June 15, 2016

8TB My Book Thunderbolt Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive – Thunderbolt – WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN

How WD WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN price changed over last several months:
Shows how WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN Thunderbolt MSRP changed this month
8TB WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN comparison with other similar products:
Couple of WD 8TB reviews from last month


Need more pictures like this for 2016 These guys have a great image of Book My Duo How is popularity of Thunderbolt Book My's trending this year (2016) We looked at WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN Duo but this image should capture why it's so beautiful


WDBUTV0080JSL-NESN review and price:

WD 8TB My Book features:

  • User-selectable RAID 0/1 for speed or data protection
  • Revolutionary data transfer speeds from Thunderbolt technology
  • Two Thunderbolt ports deliver the speed and flexibility needed for high-speed multi-tasking
  • Daisy chain multiple drives for enhanced workflow efficiency
  • User serviceable so you can replace or upgrade a drive without any tools
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
WD 8TB’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

Recent reviews:

I just connected this drive to my Mac Pro, and it works as advertised. It is also calm, and drive access for substitute is pretty straightforward. But, I was surprised to discover that it uses Apple’s software RAID for mirroring, rather than implementing hardware RAID directly. Why should you care? Because Apple’s software RAID is not good, in my experience. In specific, when it discovers a read error on a drive, it considers that complete drive to be failed. Suppose drive 2 really fails. You pull it out and replace it with a new drive 2. Now software RAID replicates the contents of drive 1 onto drive 2. But, if it encounters a read error while reading drive 1, it’ll refuse to restore the RAID to full functionality, and you will have to restore from backup. This may sound not likely, however Western Digital’s datasheet for the drives in this unit quote a maximum unrecoverable read error rate of 1 per 10 14 bits. Think about that a 4TB drive holds 4 10 12 8 = 0. 32 10 14 bits, if you read the complete drive, there is up to a 32% chance of an unrecoverable read error occurring. Doh. This really bit me on the RAID I am using this drive to replace. The sad conclusion: using RAID 1 (mirroring) on this drive results in a lower improvement in dependability than you’d expect, and is no substitute for recurrent backups. Drive specifications:http://www. Wdc. Com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-771442. Pdf$.

Update 9 Sep 2015Last update. I just wanted to let everyone know there’s a way to encrypt a RAID volume without purchasing an app. The information may be found herehttp://apple. Stackexchange. Com/questions/81504/why-doesnt-filevault-work-on-a-raid-volume————————————————-Update 27 Jan 2015I’m writing this update as a public service announcement that to get a drive with error correction or TLER is not as simple as I thought. I had a gut feeling I should read more about Western Digital Red drives before spending close to $200 on a couple, and I am happy I did. So what did I discover? Are Western Digital Red drives good for an enclosure that holds 2 drives? The simple answer is, if you’re running RAID 1, yes. If you’re running RAID 0, no. The long answer I found on a forum is:The reason you do not want TLER in RAID 0 is TLER is intended if a drive in a RAID array hits a bad sector, instead of keep trying to read the sector, the drive gives up after 7 seconds and tells the RAID controller to manage the error. The controller then finds a redundant copy of that sector data from another drive in the array (with RAID levels 1 or 10) or calculates the missing data from parity info (RAID levels 4, 5 and 6). The problem with TLER in RAID 0 is that there’s no redundant copy of the data anywhere, nor can it be calculated from parity because there’s no parity. You need the drive to keep trying to recover the data from a bad sector, because good or bad, it is the only copy you have. Hence, TLER in RAID 0 is bad. Now I understand why Western Digital gives us Green drives with this enclosure.

Bought this some years back after a few of failures with my 4TB Seagate drives. Was not a big fan of Western Digital for some years do to subpar merchandise but I have to say they have changed my mind with this drive. I bought the 8tb variant with the thunderbolt connection. Its been flawless since the start, calm as may be, and the software that comes with it for the MAC works perfectly and updates on a regular basis. Write speeds are great and it reads fast enough to not give me any delay when streaming music or movies off of it to my wireless devices or apple tv. Its a great purchase and I am happy to see the price coming down gradually, I will be buying another in a year or so.

Compare WD 8TB My with similar products:

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  • One wireless storage solution to connect with multiple devices
  • Stay mobile longer with up to 6 hours of video streaming and 20 hours of standby
  • Wirelessly connect with up to 8 devices at a time
  • Back up or transfer photos and videos from your SD card
  • No Internet connection needed to enjoy your photos, videos and music

Solo G3 2TB Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive

  • Platform Supported: Mac, PC
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Drive Type: External
  • Storage Capacity: 2 TB
  • Host Interface: USB 3.0

LaCie 2TB Porsche Design Mobile Drive P9223 (USB 3.0)

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  • The LaCie Mobile Drive was designed especially for Mac computers, and features a stylish, sophisticated aluminum finish that matches your new MacBook, plus, it’s Time Machine compatible
  • Accelerate Your Backup with USB 3.0: With the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive’s USB 3.0 interface,transfer files faster than ever before, With speeds up to 100MB/s
  • Porsche Design Form, LaCie Function: With the LaCie Mobile Drive, we’ve produced an exclusive and timeless shape, with solid, reliable hardware that’s sure to last for years

Toshiba 2TB Canvio Desk Desktop External Hard Drive (Black/Black) (HDWC120XK3J1)

  • USB 3.0 + USB 2.0 compatible
  • Versatile orientation that fits your space in your home or office
  • File, folder and full system backup and recovery
  • Preloaded easy-to-use backup software
  • High capacity storage in a compact desktop design
  • 3-year limited warranty included
  • Secure backup with password
  • USB plug and play

Toshiba Canvio Connect 2TB Portable Hard Drive, Silver (HDTC720XS3C1)

  • Access and share content from any device anywhere via the internet and mobile device
  • Stores and access files from PC and Mac without reformatting
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Back up content from your mobile devices29
  • Secure your backups with password-protected data encryption
  • Store your files in a centralized place next to your PC or Mac
  • Includes Toshiba 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Complete backup solution for protecting your digital memories

WD My Book 2TB External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 File Backup and Storage

  • Password protection and hardware encryption
  • Up to 4 TB capacity
  • Dual USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Automatic, continuous backup or file backup option

Apricorn Aegis DT ADT-3PL256F-4000 4TB FIPS 140-2 Validated Encrypted Hard Drive

  • Solid Aluminum Enclosure
  • Compatible with any OS
  • TAA Compliant, Made in the USA
  • Secure Pin number access
  • Super Speed USB 3.0
  • 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption
  • Brute Force Self Destruct
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated

Book My Thunderbolt technical ratings and MSRP
  • Daisy chain multiple drives for enhanced workflow efficiency
  • User serviceable so you can replace or upgrade a drive without any tools
  • Revolutionary data transfer speeds from Thunderbolt technology
  • Two Thunderbolt ports deliver the speed and flexibility needed for high-speed multi-tasking
  • User-selectable RAID 0/1 for speed or data protection

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