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June 15, 2016

Model) WD My Passport for Mac 2TB Portable External Hard Drive (WDBZYL0020BSL-NESN)

How (Old WDBZYL0020BSL-NESN price changed over last several months:
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Model) WDBZYL0020BSL-NESN comparison with other similar products:
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This link for WD Model) Mac is still working so Get it now If you are thinking about getting My WD for I had been looking at Passport My WD for years and it was available These guys have a great image of WDBZYL0020BSL-NESN for


WDBZYL0020BSL-NESN review and price:

(Old Model) WD My features:

  • Password protection and hardware encryption
  • The Passport for Mac is HFS+ journaled so it works right out of the box with your Mac computer, but it can be reformatted for Windows. It is also compatible with Apple Time Machine backup software.
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Ultra-fast transfer rates with USB 3.0 interface
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
(Old Model)’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

Recent reviews:

TIP: you may be able to USE ANY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE WITH A MAC AND do not NEED A “MAC well-matched” DRIVE. Amazon has some cheaper drives if you look around. Make sure to purchase the biggest drive you may be able to pay for as at some point you’ll need/want it. Make sure to check your price of the different sizes some are so close as to rationalize the up charge in price. At the time of writing the 1TBb drive was only $5 more than the 500GB drive so that’s a no brainer. If you are a Mac user setting up or erasing this hard drive up with your computer is super easy follow these steps. I never use software that comes with hard drives I just clean them & use Time Machine. 1. Plug in the hard drive2. Open up disk utility found in your applications folder inside the utilities folder3. Next choose the newly plugged in a hard drive and on the right-hand side you may want to see partition click on that. 4. Then inside that screen on the partition layout drop-down decide how many partitions you’d want to set up. I usually go with one partition and just use folders to manage my files. 5. Then on the right-hand side you may be able to name the partitions and choose the format. If you want your hard drive to work with your Mac for doing Time Machine backups (which I greatly recommend) decide Mac OS expanded. On occasion it is good to make two partitions and one using “MS-DOS fat” if you may be transferring files to and from a Windows machine. The reason is Windows machines and Max can read and write to the “MS-DOS fat” format but your files will have to be under 4 GB each as that is the maximum file size it can hold. 6. Then click apply and your Mac will create all the partitions you wanted and you are good to go. Thanks for reading.

In ten years, I have owned at least five external hard drives from Western Digital and have never had a problem with any of them. They are dependable, well-made, and priced right. I have never had one die on me and the only reason I have owned so many is that they sooner or later can not hold enough of my media To this day, I still use the 1st 60 GB drive I bought for twice this price The WD My Passport is a compact, lightweight drive perfect for students or professionals. It is not much bigger than a deck of standard playing cards and weighs just a more. It uses a USB 3. 0 interface, which lets for faster file move speeds, however you will need a computer with the right connection. How can you tell? just, if your Mac was bought before June 2012, it most probably has the slower USB 2. 0 ports. All NEW Macs, but, have USB 3. 0 ports. If you are not sure, another way to tell is if you look at your USB ports–if it is blue, you are good–if it is white, it is still USB 2. 0. USB 3. 0 is backwards well-matched, although, so it will still work on a USB 2. 0 port; you just will not see the speed increase–it will move at USB 2. 0 speeds. Also, USB 3. 0’s theoretical speeds are not as fast as Apple’s ThunderBolt, however it is the cheaper choice. Still, it is a big speed difference over the older USB 2. 0 standard. For example, I moved a 25 GB video file from my MacPro to the drive in under 5 minutes; my old USB 2. 0 drive took 14. If you are a Mac user, this drive comes formatted in HFS, so it will work for your right out of the box, no problems. If you are a Windows user, you will have to reformat it to NTFS (or just purchase the regular WD drive, which is typically cheaper and comes formatted for Windows).

I have had the drive some weeks and use it nearly daily. I bought a new Macbook Pro Retina and thought I could live with the 256 SSD drive in it. Turns out I was dead wrong. With streamlining my apps, not using it to store music and movies I still filled up the drive quickly. I use this drive for everything, Dropbox,G-drive, movies, music etc. So far works great and the USB 3. 0 is fast. Greatly suggested. I do have a couple of notes:1. This is the same as the standard 1T My Passport, only it comes pre-formated for mac (and has the & 34;for mac& 34; writing on it). You may be able to purchase and format the standard and it’ll be the same thing. I got this variant because, I like the color and it was $15 cheaper at the time then the standard variant and it saves me the 2 minutes of reformatting the drive. 2. It is small and light. I have an older My Passport and it is giant in comparison to this thing. The case is plastic. Could have been nice to have aluminum for extra protection but it looks tough. Also the aluminum and black will match your mac perfectly if that is what your going for. 3. After I received it and commuted for a bit I realized I most likely should get a case for it. After looking online I have decided on the Amazon Basics case. I can report it seems great, functions perfectly and adds the extra protection I was looking for if I drop my bag I wont have to worry about the drive. Again, If you need a great drive at a just price then this is the one.

Compare Old Model WD with similar products:

WD 500GB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBWWM5000ABK-NESN

  • Secure portable storage with up to 2 TB capacity
  • Optional 256-bit AES hardware encryption
  • Formatted for Windows, reformatting required for Mac
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Stylish design with a range of exciting colors
  • Automatic local and cloud backup
  • USB 3.0 connectivity

Apple USB 2.0 SuperDrive MD564ZM/A

  • Box Contents – Apple USB SuperDrive with attached USB cable, User’s Guide. The Apple USB SuperDrive is designed exclusively for use with Mac computers that do not have a built-in optical drive. Plug in the SuperDrive directly to the computer’s USB port. Don’t use a USB hub.
  • The essence of simplicity – You’ll never have to worry about lost cables with the Apple USB SuperDrive. It connects to your MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook Air, or Mac mini with a single USB cable that’s built into the SuperDrive. There’s no separate power adapter, and it works whether your Mac is plugged in or running on battery power.
  • Everything you need in an optical drive – Whether you’re at the office or on the road, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs with the Apple USB SuperDrive. It’s perfect when you want to watch a DVD movie, install software, create backup discs, and more.
  • Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVDA+-R DL/DVDA+-RW/CD-RW).
  • Take it anywhere – Only slightly bigger than a CD case, the Apple USB SuperDrive slips easily into your travel bag when you hit the road and takes up little space on your desk or tray table when you’re working.

Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBX1000101) (Old Model)

  • Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
  • Fast file transfers with USB 3.0
  • Easy and simple to use – plug it in and go
  • Powered by USB port

LaCie 2TB Rugged Thunderbolt External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)

  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Limited 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Removable Cover

LaCie Porsche Design P ‘9233 USB 3.0 4TB Desktop Drive (9000385)

  • Solid aluminum casing
  • Porsche Design
  • Designed for Mac
  • Built for speed

BUFFALO MiniStation USB 3.0 1 TB Portable Hard Drive (HD-PCF1.0U3BB)

  • Includes Buffalo Tools to manage your back ups and more
  • Works with Mac or PC
  • 24/7/365 Technical support
  • Time Machine compatable
  • USB 3.0/2.0 compatiblity
  • Compact design for mobilty
  • TurboPC to increase file transfer rates

Toshiba Canvio Connect II 2TB Portable Hard Drive, White Gold (HDTC820XC3C1)

  • Easy to set up and use with a simple and intuitive user interface. One USB connection for set up and power. Equipped with broad compatibility to store and access files from PC and Mac without reformatting. Includes Toshiba 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Access and share content from any device anywhere via the internet. Using the free download of Pogo Plug PC software easily upload and download content from any device. Canvio Connect II is pocket-sized and easy to carry.
  • Backup and restore just files and folders or a full system backup for disk recovery. Cloud-enabled backup option available. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically. Secure backed up content with password-protected data encryption.

My WD Passport technical ratings and MSRP
  • Ultra-fast transfer rates with USB 3.0 interface
  • Password protection and hardware encryption
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • The Passport for Mac is HFS+ journaled so it works right out of the box with your Mac computer, but it can be reformatted for Windows. It is also compatible with Apple Time Machine backup software.

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