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June 15, 2016

VRCS4-M0Z Vizia RF + 4-Button Remote Scene Controller

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Vizia VRCS4-M0Z Remote changes since it was analyzed last time This image taken in 2016 of RF Vizia 4-Buttonhas great high resolution Need more pictures like this for 2016 Productivity only made this VRCS4-M0Z 4-Button even better


VRCS4-M0Z review and price:

Leviton VRCS4-M0Z Vizia RF features:

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • High gloss finish complements a wide range of d cors
  • LED illuminates when the controlled scene is active or when one load is on in any zone (area)
  • Ideal for remote control of up to four different zones (areas)
  • Each button on a RF controller can be associated with up to 32 select Z-Wave compatible devices in a system area
  • Z-Wave compatible
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Leviton VRCS4-M0Z’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

Recent reviews:

I have a pretty broad home automation set-up established around Mi Casa Verde Vera Lite, and needed a physical controller to do different things, and didn’t feel like spending more than $1000 on a hard-wired touch-screen controller that had to be configured using a third party plugin in Vera, so I opted for this. This doesn’t directly control a high voltage load, it’s a scene controller only. It requires a grid line (typically black) and a neutral (typically white). I bought this expecting it to do 4 things, one per button, but when I set it up with Vera, which recognized it instantly as a scene controller, I discovered each button really has it is on on/off capability, effectively allowing you to run 8 different scenes in Vera. Now there’s some a catch here, if you’r using one button to turn lights on or off, that is all good and well, and will work just good. When “button 1 on – scene X” is activated (generally how Vera let us you configure it), there’s a small green LED that will illuminate, letting you know your lights are on (or off, if you have it configured the reverse way, which you may be able to easily do),, then when you press the button again WHILE THE LED IS LIT, Vera will execute “button 1 off – scene Y” and turn off the LED. Now the difficult part, example scenario: say you have 2 Z-wave lights in your living room. Button 1 on turns both on, and button 1 off turns both off. You have button 2 on set to turn 1 of those two lights off. You press button 2 while both lights are on, OK now one of those two lights are now off. Button 1 in some way knows that the scene it activated is not active, so button 1 resets.

This doesn’t supply power to a single load like the description says. You either have to make a new switch box for this or just replace a light switch that you do not use with it. Other than the misleading description, it looks to be good.

It was some number of months after installation of this VRCS4-M0Z with daily use. I wanted to wait as long as I can, just to see if any of the problems stated by other reviewers could surface. So far so good. No issues with communication with Vera Lite and the light steadily may be controlled without any hiccups. I’m using GE/Jasco ZWave switches only. No dimmer switches. All my lights are LED. Programming: It was a bit difficult to program as the instruction doesn’t exactly explain how to pair to Vera controller. But, a fast search on google and Vera’s support web site really has information. I followed them and it worked. Just remember if you have issues with pairing or recognizing the device, un-pair the device from Vera, then reset the VRCS4, then re-discover it. If you don’t reset the VRCS4, it may not rediscover properly. To reset, hold buttons 1 and 3 till the LED flashes red 2 times. (10 seconds wait till LED turns red). This will clear the VRCS4 memory. Operation:See included picture 1. For the first button, you may be able to relate a scene to turn on lights when the button is in & 34;ON& 34; mode. When you push the button again, Vera knows that you want to de-activate the same screen. This looks to only work with button 1. For the other button, you may be able to related 2 scenes for each button. I produced once scene for turning on a system of lights and another for turning off. Push button 2 and LED turns green, scene related with this & 34;ON& 34; mode of this button in activated. In my case, turns on Atrium lights. Push button 2 again and the LED turns off. The & 34;OFF& 34; mode of this button activates the Atrium-Off scene which turns off the Atrium lights.

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RF Vizia + technical ratings and MSRP
  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Z-Wave compatible
  • Ideal for remote control of up to four different zones (areas)
  • Each button on a RF controller can be associated with up to 32 select Z-Wave compatible devices in a system area
  • High gloss finish complements a wide range of d cors
  • LED illuminates when the controlled scene is active or when one load is on in any zone (area)

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