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June 15, 2016

WB30T10129 Radiant Element for Stove

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WB30T10129 review and price:

GE WB30T10129 Radiant Element features:

  • WB30T10129
  • Genuine GE factory part
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Radiant Element
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
GE WB30T10129’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

General GE WB30T10129 description
This is a GE ELEMENT RADIANT 6 IN part number WB30T10129.

Recent reviews:

The Radiant Element was working well for about three weeks now, so presuming it proves dependable, I could recommend it. It seems to be a real GE product. The 1st shipment I received, had to be returned because it arrived with the perimeter rim material cracked in three places. The return went smoothly and I received a substitute quickly and in good condition. I do not remember the link, however I found a useful video on You-Tube of how to replace a radiant element on a smooth top stove. Just, removing two screws under the front edge of the range top. Then lifting the whole range top till you get access to the radiant unit. You’ll either have to prop up the range top or have someone hold it up for you. I did the afterward. If you do prop it, just be cautious you do not accidentally knock out the prop and have your range top come crashing down. Remove the screws that hold the radiant element to the bottom of the range top, and pry off the little clips that the screws hold in place. The clips in turn are what hold the element in place. Note that the element you’ll get is a substitute by GE for the original element (may rely on the model and age of your range). It has somewhat changed placement of the wires about which terminals they connect to on the new element. An instruction sheet for connecting the wires for the new arrangement is included in the box the element comes in and is easily understood. Both the old and new element has numbers around the perimeter that you may want to make note of when you remove the screws from the clips so you may be able to reinstall the clips at the same numeric place. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: When you go to reinsert the screws for the clips, you’ll wonder where the holes for the screws are. I thought oh oh .

I was a little cynical to buy at 1st but am happy I did. My 1st time doing this kind of fix and it took about 10 minutes. A small tip: I used a short part of a scrap 4×4 to prop open the front of the stove top (free standing range) and that gave me lots of room to take off the old element and replace the new one. It was one of the front elements.

Considering how exoensive it’s. This product came with the ceramic ring already broken I could rather take generic brand than this. The burner itself works good.

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