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June 15, 2016

Paykel WL4227P1 22LB AquaSmart 12 Cycle Washer

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How much was WL4227P1 Paykel Cycle sold in your local store compared to online? Loved the quality of this image of 22LB WL4227P1 12 Nice image showing AquaSmart 22LB WL4227P1 Sometimes it takes up to 1 hour to find out how to use WL4227P1 12


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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Fisher Paykel’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

General Fisher WL4227P1 description
SmartTouch Controls The SmartTouch control panel is your interface with the SmartDrive technology. It lets you to see at a glance exactly which of the 12 pre-programmed cycles you have picked from. As you turn it the icons illuminate to show you exactly what you have picked. The SmartDrive technology senses each load to deliver better clothes care. 22 lb Capacity The big 22 lb capacity means you save time and money, requiring fewer loads to wash your weeks laundry. Infinite water level sensing makes this washer economical with both small and big loads. The big basket will easily wash bulky things like comforters and blankets. Eco-Active Wash Eco-Active boosts soil elimination while saving energy. Its distinctive pumping technology re-circulates water and detergent through the clothes in a cascade like pattern. This quickly removes stains and dirt and is proven to be more efficient at killing bacteria. The Eco-Active wash saves energy, attaining Tier 3 on CEE, and Energy Star, however best of all it achieves a better clean. Hands-Free cover The soft close cover makes opening and closing light and easy allowing ergonomic and hands free operation. The glass cover is made of very strong toughened glass, set in an ABS molded base. It won't mark and is our most chemical tolerant cover. What is SmartDriveTM? SmartDriveTM Technology It takes lots of brainpower to make things really simple. That, in a sentence, is the essence of SmartDriveTM. Conventional washing machines are made up of many moving parts. Their complexity also means there's lots that can go wrong with them. Fisher & Paykel SmartDriveTM machines are made of just three major parts: a small computer, a adaptable agitator, and a simple direct-drive motor. That means washing machines that can sense each load, use less water and run with less moving parts. Dimensions & Capacity Width: 27" Height: 43" Depth: 28".

Recent reviews:

We got off to a bad start with this washer when it would not complete one load after it was installed. Then my husband read the manual and discovered that the delivery guys had installed the drain hose incorrectly and it was siphoning. We called them back to re-install and it has worked good since. They said that this brand has a quirk to installing that part, so I could tell anybody purchasing this machine to pay close attention to that part of the installation to ensure correct functioning. I have had the machine now for about 10 days and I have done about a dozen loads of different sizes, types, and soil levels. I have been using Nellie’s detergent, which I love. That joint with this machine means my things have been really clean and I am thrilled with it so far. Have not had to run one item through on a second pass still. It is economical, cleans the clothes beautifully, has lots of features, and looks sleek. I got rid of our last pair not because they were broken, however because the washer was really deafening– you could hear it in every corner of our 4,000 ft2 house when it was spinning. We have a baby on the way, so I realized nobody was ever going to sleep if we did not get a new one. I have been totally thrilled with this F&P machine’s low sound level. If I close the door to the laundry room, you can not hear a thing anywhere else in the house. A couple times I forgot that it was running, and was startled by the sound when I went into the laundry room for something throughout the cycle. Just what I was looking for A couple of things I do not love about the machine, however aren’t enough to keep me from recommending it are these.

I have owned a Fisher Paykel washing machine for 10 years. We live in a moderately big family and use this machine nearly every day. Some number of girls, loads of outfits, leos, sports gear, track shoes. Many loads per day. Most days per year. As a special treat, we do the odd tough mudder. We live in what may be called an & 34;abusive laundry home& 34;. The machine is exceptional. Very water economical, calm and pretty fast. We bought it to replace a top-of-the-line Sears model, which lasted just 18 months under exactly the same condition. In ten years, I have replaced the motion controller once, Around five years ago I replaced the diverter valve. FP machines aren’t the cheapest, you get what you pay for. Top of the line quality that works day in, day out and lasts. The buyer service is unreal. I recently needed a substitute motion controller. I was able to telephone the 800 number and speak to a live agent in the center of a Saturday afternoon Eastern time. I was speaking to Rebecca a service tech in New Zealand. She knew the machine exactly and organized for the correct part to be shipped 1st thing Monday morning. It arrived 48 hours afterward, shipped directly from their building in Huntington Beach California. Unexpectedly good on an maturing machine. No layers of phone menus, poor english, techs who had no idea, escalation to level 3.. My blood pressure stayed constant throughout the complete interaction. No stress and the Fedex man at the door, two business days afterward with the exact part. 30 mins afterward the machine was again doing great service. I plan to upgrade the machine afterward this year and will be certainly purchasing Fisher Paykel again.

We bought one of these Fisher Paykel AquaSmart washers in March and so far, it was amazing. We bought it from a locally owned company who installed it perfectly (I have heard that these machines do not install exactly like most washers, so possibly it’s better to have a good installer). Pros:-big capacity. My husband and son compete in judo and this washer will wash a week’s worth of gis easily. The lack of a tall agitator means that I do not have to stuff bulky things like gis and comforters around one anymore -Cleans well. Our clothes come out really clean. -Amazing turn cycle. The extra fast turn cycle gets so much water out that clothes and linens take less time to dry in the dryer or hanging. -High efficiency: Since the washer is high efficiency, we use less water and less detergent. -Intuitive controls: I love how simple this washer is to work. And there’s a cycle for everything. Cons: none, really, except that you pay a more to get all the & 34;pros. & 34;If something changes, or I experience breakage of parts, etc. Like some other reviews, I’ll update .

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