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June 15, 2016

Y644HSXT Dieless Hypress Hydraulic HandOperated Crimping Tool, 11 Ton Crimp Force, 7.04" Width, 23.20" Length, 3" Height

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This web page link for Dieless Y644HSXT Crimping is still works in 2016 Don't get Hypress Dieless HandOperated yet. You may want to read this first How is popularity of Hydraulic Hypress Dieless's trending this year (2016) Y644HSXT HandOperated has great features, but before you get it read this first


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General Burndy Y644HSXT description
The Burndy Y644HSXT dieless Hypress hand-operated hydraulic crimping tool gives 11 tons of crimping force and is suited for use with a range of copper and aluminum conductors and connectors in conjunction with a 10,000 psi hydraulic pump. Its dieless system removes the need for separate die sets, and its latch style head rotates 355 degrees for improved easy use on uninterrupted conductor runs. This tool gives Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed and Canadian Standards affiliation (CSA) certified crimps when made with Burndy Hylug and Hylink compression connectors. An audible “pop” and an embossment supply audible and visual acknowledgement of a properly finished crimp. This crimper has a handle trigger drain for convenient ram retraction. The crimper comes with a high-affect plastic carrying case. This crimping tool is suited for use with a range of copper and aluminum conductors and connectors in industrial and commercial applications. SpecificationsCrimper typeHydraulic, hand-operatedCrimp force11 tonsWeight15 lb. Dimensions23. 20 x 7. 04 inches (L x W)For use with copper 6 AWG to 1,000 kcmilTerminals: YA-L, YA-2LN, YA, YA-FXB, YA-2N, YA-L-2TC, YA-L-FX, YAB-4N, YA-L-TC, YA-2L, YA-4N, YEV-P-FX, YE-P, YE-P-FX; Splices: YS-L, YS, YS-TFor use with aluminum 6 AWG to 750 kcmilTerminals: YA-A, YA-A-TN; Splices: YS-A; Hyplug: AYP, AYPOStandards metUL listed, CSA certifiedL is length, the horizontal distance from the bottom of the tool to the top; W is width, the horizontal distance from the end of one handle until the end of the other handle while the tool is closed. Crimpers, also called crimping tools, pinch wire terminals and connectors to wires to prepare them for use in electrical or communications applications. They have nests and indenters that differ in size and form as indicated by application. Manual crimpers are suited for movable applications that create small terminal connections while power crimpers use air, electricity, hydraulic power, or a mix of these to aid compression, and were used in high volume applications. Crimpers may be used for applications ranging from manual field repairs to completely automated terminal production functionings. Burndy manufactures& xA0;cable connection and management merchandise. & xA0; The company, founded in 1924, is headquartered in Manchester, NH. What is in the Box? High-affect plastic carrying caseY644HSXT crimping tool$.

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