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June 15, 2016

Wireless Mini Keyboard with Trackball (WKB-3000U)

How Adesso WKB-3000U price changed over last several months:
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Wireless WKB-3000U comparison with other similar products:
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How Mini Wireless (WKB-3000U) popularity changed over time, compared 2016 to last year This image taken in 2016 of Keyboard Mini Trackballhas great high resolution We should crowd source with Keyboard Mini pictures Nice one, need more images like this


WKB-3000U review and price:

Adesso Wireless Mini Keyboard features:

  • 2 AAA Batteries Included
  • Trackball Resolution: Laser Type, 800 DPI
  • Multimedia Hotkeys: Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, Volume Up, Volume Down & Mute
  • Indicators: Num Lock, Caps Lock & Low Battery
  • Internet Hotkeys: Homepage, Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop, Search & E-mail
  • Sleep Mode: Automatic (after mins)
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Adesso Wireless’s dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon: n/a

General Adesso WKB-3000U description
Built with a mass of features and a fitted laser sensor trackball, Adesso SlimTouch 3000 Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard is greatly movable and may be used anywhere, if at the desk or on your lap at your personal Home Theater.

Recent reviews:

I have bought at least 4 or 5 Adesso WKB-3000UB keyboards and at least one DSI 2. 4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Optical trackball, Black, FK-760. Sooner or afterward they fail, trackball becomes erratic, scroll wheel stops working or keys stop reacting. All but one have been Adesso. I love the WKB-3000UB/DSI FK-760. This keyboard, the WKB-3000U is a newer offering from Adesso. Pros:1. Keyboard feel is good (better than the WKB-3000UB)2. Scroll wheel is much better than the WKB-3000UB3. Track ball is more exact than the WKB-3000UBCons:1. The backspace key is the same size as the other “standard size” keys and it is beside the Home key. It should be twice the size as other keys as on the WKB-3000UB/FK-760. I do not know how many times I think I hit the back space key but inadvertently hit the Home key. It really messes things up 2. Unlike the WKB-3000UB/FK-760, this keyboard doesn’t have the left mouse button on the right edge of the keyboard by the track ball. For those of you that have used the UKB-3000UB/FK-760 you know how great that feature is. You may be able to move the mouse and left click with one hand The ergonomics of the WKB-3000UB/FK-760 are the best I have found to date. I love the layout Unfortunately it suffers from poor quality issues. I have tried to find another keyboard with trackball (or keyboard with separate trackball) that worked also. I just can not find one. So I keep purchasing the WKB-3000UB. 🙁 I have tried the IOGEAR Multimedia Keyboard with Laser Trackball and Scroll Wheel, 2. 4GHz Wireless GKM561R (Black) but did not like it (poor track ball performance).

Keyboard is great and works great with my home theater. I was hesitant to buy after seeing so many negative reviews. Sure enough my keyboard worked for a while an then started locking up with no answer. I was about to return it when I have decided to look at FAQs on manufacturers web site and one of the suggestions solved my problem. I learned that Power Management settings were putting keyboard to sleep. There’s a box “let the computer to turn off this device to save power” that must be unchecked. May be found under “USB Root Hub” devices listed in Device Manager. There were some number of; I unchecked them all. It was working perfectly since making these changes. Update 9/8/2012: Still working after a full day. Couldn’t go for an hour without locking up before this change.

I have in front of me 2 Adesso keyboards. The WKB-3000UB (out of date) and the current WKB-3000U. The old one, the -3000UB, had its faults, however its ergonomics were by & big excellent. It had a full-size backspace key, a CTRL key on BOTH sides of the keyboard, and the DEL key on the top right – not in the corner where it belonged, mind you, however close. The scroll wheel and L-R mouse buttons were darn near perfect. The trackball, while loose, tracked well (while it lived), and the extra left mouse button under / in front of the trackball was remaining. In spite of its extreme battery use and poor working distance from its wireless dongle it was the best media center / living room keyboard I’d ever owned. Now move on to the current offering, the -3000U. I am writing this review on it, and have had it now for a month or so. It’s a royal PITA to use. Gone is the left mouse button by the trackball, and the scroll wheel / L-R mouse buttons are re-located as to be unfriendly to natural hand positions. I think it is giving carpal tunnel syndrome. The backspace key was shrunk, the DEL key is on the BOTTOM ROW (why? , right beside the arrow keys. No chance of accidentally deleting anything that way, huh? The right-side CTRL key is gone, which makes zooming a webpage important when surfing in the living room) a royal ache. The only benefits to this newer model are: greater working distance between the USB transmitter and the keyboard, and battery use is largely improved, going from 4-AAs every month to 2-AAA batts, the original ones still in use after something over a month. It is not enough to justify the buy. Do yourself a favor, avoid this newer model Adesso like the plague .

Compare Adesso Wireless Mini with similar products:

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  • Two-Port USB Hi-Speed 2.0 hub
  • Mechanical key switches with gold contacts (Greetech blue switches)
  • Sleek, compact ten keyless 87-key design (US); 88-key design (Europe)

Keyboard Mini with technical ratings and MSRP
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology
  • Sleep Mode: Automatic (after mins)
  • Indicators: Num Lock, Caps Lock & Low Battery
  • Multimedia Hotkeys: Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, Volume Up, Volume Down & Mute
  • Internet Hotkeys: Homepage, Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop, Search & E-mail
  • 2 AAA Batteries Included
  • Trackball Resolution: Laser Type, 800 DPI

What people considered before buying WKB3000U:
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  2. IOGEAR GKM681R 2.4GHz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Optical Trackball and Scroll Wheel (Silver/Black)
  3. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad, Black
  4. SIIG Wireless Mini Multimedia Trackball Keyboard (JK-WR0412-S1)
  5. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball
  6. Cable Matters Gold Plated Mini HDMI to HDMI Male to Female Adapter


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